August 20, 2019

Introducing FraudSleuth

An online tool to help combat property fraud is now available through the Clermont County Recorder’s Office. 

Q: What is FraudSleuth?

A: FraudSleuth is an online tool powered by Kofile Technologies to help protect property owners against possible fraudulent activity. Similar to credit monitoring services, FraudSleuth can now automatically alert users when a document is recorded in their name.

This FREE tool is provided to all citizens through the Clermont County Recorder’s Office. Users can run a simple name search to see what documents are currently recorded within the Clermont County Recorder’s Office containing their information. A new feature of the tool allows citizens to set up name profile(s) and receive automatic email alerts if a document is recorded that matches their profile information. This allows citizens to be involved and help combat possible fraud. Citizens can utilize the information to then contact the proper authorities.

Anyone can sign up for this service on our website You will have to create an account AND set up at least 1 FraudSleuth name profile in order to start receiving email alerts. The system will only alert you of documents recorded in your name starting from the date that the profile was actually created. Instructions on how to fully utilize FraudSleuth can be found here.

Note: Please be aware that there may be other property owners in Clermont County with the same name. A notification simply alerts you whenever a document is filed containing a certain name. It does not necessarily indicate that fraud has been committed. If you have questions or suspect fraudulent activity, please call our office at 513-732-7236 or email and we can help guide you to the proper agency.