August 31, 2023

Prosecutor Tekulve Applauds AG Yost’s Suit Against MV Realty

On February 15, 2023, Attorney General Yost announced that he has filed suit to stop MV Realty, a Florida based firm, from preying upon Ohioans through illegal real estate contracts.

MV Realty holds itself out as a financial lifeline, offering homeowners $300-$5000 in exchange for an illegal forty year listing agreement.

“My office became aware of this practice in September of last year and made an immediate report to the Attorney General’s consumer protection division. We followed up in December in response to an advisory opinion request that had been submitted to the Attorney General. Today, we see the result of the diligence of my staff and attorneys and the tireless legal work of the Attorney General and his team. I also want to express personal thanks to Clermont County Recorder Debbie Clepper and her team for bringing this issue to our attention. Without her attentiveness, we would not have known of this issue,” said Prosecutor Tekulve.

If you have been affected by a contract with MV Realty, you may file a complaint with the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing at this website:

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