Search Instructions

The 5 ways to search the index are listed under “Tract Indexing:”

Name is the most complete search.  The other search types apply limits that may omit certain data.

Click on Name

Click in the Search Name box.

Type the person’s last name (a space) first name.

Do not use punctuation in any search.

Click the “Search” button at the bottom of the page.

A list of results will appear.

Notice the number of “Hits” next to each name.  Hits are the number of times that name appears in the system.

After reading through the list of names, select a name by clicking on it.

A list of documents will appear for the selected name. To see more information about a specific document click on “Details” next to that document.

To view or print the selected document, click either icon in the “Image” box.

The Preview offers a view of each page of the selected document with a thumbnail view of the remaining pages on the left.

The Printable Tiff Image (Multi-Page) will allow the selected document to be downloaded to a PC for printing.

Clicking on each thumbnail will bring up a full view of that page.

Clicking on the “Printable Tiff” icon or the “Printable Tiff (multi-page) version” link at the top of the preview page will start the file download process.  On some systems a “File Download” dialog box will appear.

Clicking “Open” in the dialog box should start an application on the PC to allow printing of the selected document.  In most cases this will be “Microsoft Office Document Imaging” or “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer”.  This program varies from system to system.  Should more assistance be needed please call, write or visit the Recorder’s office. (Contact us)

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