Public Records and Retention Policy

The Clermont County Recorder is the keeper of vital records pertaining to ownership in real estate and to all encumbrances or liens upon it. The Recorder maintains records such as deeds, mortgages, certificates of transfer (affidavits, easements, leases), certificate of title to registered land, land contracts, plats, condominiums, partnerships, power of attorneys, trusts, miscellaneous records, zoning resolutions (maps and amendments), annexations, centerline surveys, street name changes, vacating of streets and alleys, military service discharges, financing statements (real estate only) corporate mergers (name changes and cancellations), bills of sale and liens. All records are indexed and made available for the public to view or copy as prescribed by law.

It is the policy of the Clermont County Recorder to uphold and adhere to the State of Ohio Public Records Act, Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code.

All records are kept and maintained in accordance with our Recorder’s Office Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition (RC-2) as well as the Countywide General RC-2. (Click the link to view the corresponding RC-2)

A Public Record Policy Poster (a summary of the Public Records Policy) is posted and located in the public area of the Clermont County Recorder’s Office.  (Click here to see the Poster)

Record Requests
All records maintained under the jurisdiction of the Recorder‘s Office will be made available in compliance with the Ohio Records Law, during regular business hours. Promptness is determined by the facts and circumstances of each public record requested.

The person requesting the records must identify the records he or she is seeking with sufficient clarity so they may be identified and retrieved. The requester should also specify the format needed if the record can be made available in multiple ways.

The Recorder’s Office has a Public Records Request Form that should be used to better clarify the request, however, a written request is not mandatory.

The request will be evaluated and the length of time needed to fill the request will be determined. A prompt response to fulfill the request will be made. A voluminous request or request for records housed in an off-site location or records that may require legal review, will require additional time to retrieve and copy.

The requester will be advised that advanced payment may be required prior to providing copies of public records and in addition, if mailed, the fee shall also include the cost of postage. The fee schedule is posted in the public area of the Recorder’s Office. (Click here for fee schedule)

A portion of a record may have information redacted in compliance with state or federal law. The redacted version will be provided if requested.

Any denial of a record request will be in writing and include an explanation including legal authority.