How to Record a Document

By Mail

Mailing Address:

Clermont County Recorder
101 East Main Street
Batavia, Ohio 45103



Check made payable to Clermont County Treasurer. (If Auditor’s fees are sent with your deeds, they must be in a separate check also payable to the County Treasurer.)


Recording fees:
(View fee schedule) Incorrect fees will result in your document(s) being rejected and returned to you, unrecorded.


Cover Letter:
Letter explaining exactly what you want done, including a contact name and phone number to reach you regarding questions our office may have.


Self- Addressed Stamped Envelope:

We do not cover postage. Please make sure you have enough postage on your return envelope and it is large enough to return your document(s).


Documents we record:
(View document list) Note: Your document(s) must meet the standards set forth in the Ohio Revised Code or it will be returned to you unrecorded. (View template and standard requirements)


Recording process:
The normal time for completed recording process is 14 days. Your original document(s) will be returned to you in your self-addressed stamped envelope.


Reasons for rejection:
Incorrect fees, no legal description on required documents, social security number on document, tax map and auditor stamps required on deeds. (Auditor transfer fees are $.50 cents per parcel and conveyance fees are $4.00 per $1,000.00) Visit the Auditors web site for more information. Auditor’s Real property transfers.


Recording in Person


Office Location:
101 East Main Street. Batavia, Ohio (Auditor (513) 732-7150 and Tax Map (513) 732-7370 at the same location)


You need:
Prepared document(s) to be recorded, a check for recording fees, self-addressed stamped envelope, a separate check for Auditor’s Office if required.